The first song on our list is “Seven Nation Army,” by the White Stripes. Released in 2003, the song has enjoyed resurgence at almost every college football and NFL game and played at the 4th quarter of Wisconsin Badger games.

The second song on our list is one that should never be played at Texas Tech Football games, but played at Jones AT&T at the most inopportune times. Yes, I’m talking about “Jump Around,” by House of Pain. The Oklahoma Sooners play at their games and it must be a cute site, but for the love of all that is good stop playing this song.

Our next song is one that is part of the theme of the Jim Rome radio show and played at the beginning of games to try and psyche out opposing teams. This song is “Welcome to the Jungle,” by Guns N’ Roses. This doesn’t illicit the same response it might have in 1988, but it just reminds most people of shattered dreams and overblown rock n’ roll egos.

The fourth song is one that needs to be done away for the good of civilization. The awesomely bad, “Final Countdown,” by Europe is something that must be kept away forever. The only time this song should play is to warn future civilizations of the bad parts of the Hair Band movement of the 80’s.

The last song pains me to put it on this list, but I have to for the integrity of sports and music. “I Won’t Back Down,” by Tom Petty is played when a team is down in a game or after a loss. I love Petty, but absolutely hate this song when played at Tech games.