At Saturday’s game between Texas Tech and Texas A&M, the Aggies managed to defeat the Red Raiders 45 to 40.

A&M kicked off the first quarter for a touchdown following a 19-yard rush by Ryan Tannehill, and a completed extra point by Randy Bullock with 13:04 left on the clock. Texas Tech caught up with 9:31 left in the first quarter as Seth Doege completed a 2-yard pass to Adam James for a touchdown. Red Raider kicker Donnie Carona made the extra point. A&M kicked a 45 yard field goal with 2:12 left in the first quarter, putting the Aggies up 10 to 7.

Starting off scoring for the second quarter was Donnie Carona, who kicked a 49-yard field goal for Texas Tech, tying up the game again. A&M undid the tie as Cyrus Gray made a 16-yard run for a touchdown. Texas Tech and A&M traded off points as Donnie Carona made a 27-yard field goal, and A&M’s Christine Michael pulled off a 17-yard run, putting the score at 24 to 13. Both Texas Tech and A&M scored one more touchdown before halftime, putting the Aggies leading 31 to the Red Raiders’ 20.

Scoring slowed in the third quarter, with another field goal by Carona. A&M’s Terrence Frederick scored another touchdown on the 63-yard return of a blocked field goal. Tech managed another field goal in the third quarter with Eric Ward catching a 5-yard pass from Doege.

The Aggies managed one more touchdown in the game, as Michael Lamothe caught a 5-yard pass from Ryan Tannehill. Texas Tech managed another field goal and one final touchdown, leaving the Aggies’ score at 45 to Tech’s 40.

Overall, A&M took 46 carries and ran for 205 yards. Tech’s Doege led the Red Raiders, running for 391 yards and threw for three touchdowns. Eric Stephens ran for 122 yards for 22 carries, before severely injuring his knee, along with the prospect of him coming back for the rest of the season.