Al Jefferson was on fire for the Utah Jazz scoring 28 points and an astounding 26 rebounds on the way to a 123-121 victory over the Dallas Mavericks.

Dirk Nowitzki did his best to keep the Mavs in the game, scoring 40 points on the night. The loss dropped Dallas to 7th in the Western conference with 4 games left. The race for the last playoff spot in the conference is getting heated as 4 teams are within a game of 7th and 8th place. The Mavericks badly need this win against the Jazz to improve their chances of making the playoffs.

The Jazz however need the win more than the Mavs, as the win pulled them to within 1/2 game behind Houston and Phoenix for the 8th spot.

Only time will tell what will happen to the Mavericks playoffs hopes this season, but what we know for is that the Mavs have to compete at the highest level if they hope to make the playoffs this season.