Through 5 games this season, the Astros are a putrid 0-5 with no signs of improving.

The Astros main hitters are continuing to perform poorly, Michael Bourn (.211), Brett Wallace (.111), Bill Hall (.105), Chris Johnson (.222) and Carlos Lee (.222), and the pitching isn't much better.

While many people here at the station want me to switch allegiances to the Texas Rangers; I can't do that.  Like the long-suffering Cubs fans, I'll stick with my team.

The Astros haven't made any meaningful free agent signings since signing Carlos Lee.  After Drayton McLane sells the team, the new owner is going to have to increase the payroll by $20-$30 million to become competitive again in the NL Central.

Also, the Astros need a drastic change in attitude and on-field leadership.  For years there has been no sense of urgency with this team.  Brad Mills may be a good manager, but there are no leaders on the Astros current roster.  Many people over the years have knocked the Yankees and Red Sox for naming captains, but it helps with on-field leadership by clearly designating who is "the man".

So, while this season already seems to be lost for Houston, at least I can take solace that the Astros have been to the same number of World Series as the Texas Rangers.