The Texas Tech Red Raiders continue their ascent in the rankings after their 42-35 win over the Iowa State Cyclones this past Saturday.  It would be a dog fight and Tech would struggle at times, but with the bevy of ranked teams that went down over the weekend, the red raiders had no where to go but up.

Ashley Wirz,

Matt Wallerstedt's defense had it's worst showing of the year as it gave up 35 points. Iowa state seemed to move the ball at times with success in the second half of Saturday's win.  The real issue for this Texas Tech ball club in the win was the special teams.

They would give up a kick return for a touchdown, muff a punt, and fumble another as they helped keep the Cyclones in the game.  Head coach Kliff Kingsbury will have several areas that his team needs to improve on if they want to continue the success they're experiencing.  This will especially be key this week as the Red Raiders travel to Morgantown, West Virgina to take on the Mountaineers.  That brings us to our FAN poll of the day.