Looking for a place to run in Lubbock besides your own neighborhood or a treadmill? Here are five places in Lubbock we think are the best in Lubbock.

1340 The Fan

Urbanovsky Park, located on the Texas Tech campus at 18th Street and Flint Avenue next to the United Spirit Arena, offers runners in Lubbock one of the best running tracks in the city.

Higganbotham Park has one of the better tracks in Lubbock to go for a run. The track, located at 19th Street and Utica Avenue, surrounds a playa lake at the park and is one of the most frequented tracks in Lubbock by runners.

Tech Terrace Park located in the Tech Terrace neighborhood between 23rd and 25th street of Flint Avenue offers an excellent running and walking track with lots of green space.

If you want a smaller space to run then you can run one block south on Flint from Tech Terrace Park to Wagner Park. The park is small, but offer track around the park.

Mackenzie State Park off Interstate 27 and U.S. 82 offer some running trails and hills in the park. Yes, there are some hills there park and is a change up from the normal flat trails in the city.