• 5

    Nick’s Place

    98th & Quaker

    Nick’s leads off the list with a great casual dining experience that boasts 24 different HDTVs, or if you and your group of game watching comrades want a little more privacy you can request one of their three VIP rooms. The VIP rooms are spacious enough for 8-10 people and have two TVs, but can be rearranged upon request. The menu features everything you’d expect to find at a sports bar and then some. Do your self a favor and clog the arties a little bit more Super Bowl Sunday with an order of Nick’s Bacon and Cheese Fries.

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    Blue Monkey

    2407 9th Street

    Blue Monkey is the newest establishment on the list and I think the picture says more than I ever could about the high quality of deliciousness they dish out. Blue Monkey features a great all around drink selection in more of an upscale sports bar environment. The pulled pork is outstanding but then again so is the entire menu. TV’s line the bar and it has a great patio you can enjoy the game from if that’s more your thing. Did I mention the food was outstanding?

  • 3


    4th and Frankford

    I enjoy Cujo’s a heck of a lot, which made it difficult to list them third on the list. It’s within spitting distance off my house so there have been many nights I’ve found myself hanging out at this fine establishment. The schooners are always frosty and the beers always cold. The menu features a little bit of everything ranging from pizza and pasta’s to wraps and everyday burgers and sandwiches. My personal favorite is the Cujo’s Cajun Chicken Sandwich. One interesting tidbit fact about the restaurant is that Cujo is the nickname for owner Curtis Jordan who played defensive back at Lubbock Monterey and Texas Tech before spending 11 seasons in the NFL. There are over 40 TV’s, sports and other memorabilia on the walls, pool tables and of course the bar necessity Golden Tee. If you haven’t checked Cujo’s out yet you definitely need to.

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    Buffalo Wild Wings

    6320 19th street and 8212 University Avenue

    Buffalo Wild Wings checks in the second slot for me because of one simple fact. What goes together better than wings, beer and football? That’s right I’m hard pressed to think of anything else as well. There are two locations around Lubbock to choose from. With 16 different flavors of wings there’s something to meet anyone’s particular tastes. If you’re that one person in your group that doesn’t like chicken wings don’t fret Buffalo Wild Wings has you covered with a wide variety of menu items consisting of burgers, chicken strips, wraps and even salads for you health nuts out there.

  • 1

    Fox and Hound

    4210 82nd Street

    The Fox and Hound tops the list in my opinion as it has the best combination of TV’s, good food and entertainment. Right when you walk in there’s a central located bar where you can take in the game, or if you’d like a little more space, there is two wide open rooms off to both sides of the bar full of tables and TV’s as far as the eye can see. If the Super Bowl Halftime show isn’t your thing (which who wants to see Madonna?) you can occupy that non-football time-void playing pool on one of their 10 tables, play a little ping pong, throw some darts, practice your Golden Tee skills, do my personal favorite shuffleboard or just step outside to enjoy the patio. As far as the menu’s concerned I like to start off with the cheese sticks and top it off with either the beer-battered chicken tenders or the bacon cheeseburger, but you really can’t go wrong with anything.