In the wake of the "Aggie Missile Crisis" (Texas A&M's discussions with the Southeastern Conference), Big East Commissioner John Marinatto (pictured) has reached out to his counterparts at the Big 12 Conference and the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).

Marinatto tells Associated Press that the contact between himself and the other two commissioners has been "constant".

Marinatto didn't reveal details about his conversations with his fellow commissioners but told the AP, "I thought it would be important for us to meet face-to-face and take the lead in trying to do things the right way."

If Texas A&M leaves the Big 12 for the SEC, it is presumed that another round of large-scale conference alignment would occur.  That is because the SEC would want to add another school, or 3, to get to 14 or 16 teams and the Big 12 would want to get back to at least 10 teams in its conference.