Today, Texas Tech Red Raider Basketball assistant coach Bubba Jennings made his weekly appearance on the Sports Shack.

Coach Jennings talked about the learning process that many of the Red Raiders are undergoing this season. "The whole weight of the game was on their shoulders (in high school), and they were able to do so much in the game," Jennings said. "Josh (Gray) was able to drive to the basket and score whenever he wanted to. But once you get to this level (Big 12), those gaps close quick and the players are bigger and they're more physical and hard to shoot over. You gotta learn, he needs to penetrate in there and then find Dusty (Hannahs) out on the perimeter. And Dusty has to move and set his feet quicker and get the shot up. We gotta have have a little more patience and get the ball inside more."

Coach Jennings also talked about Ty Nurse playing his way back into the starting lineup, "He's worked hard in practice and he played well at Texas. We gave him an opportunity and he did well against West Virginia."  Nurse scored 14 points against West Virginia and he's expected to start tonight against Kansas State.

Tonight's game against Kansas State tips off at 7 at the United Spirit Arena.