Most people would agree, messing with someone who swung a bat, and swung it well for a living is probably not one of the best decisions someone can make. That did not stop someone from doing just that though as Cal Ripken Jr's mother was recently abducted by an unknown assailant.

Vi Ripken was held at gunpoint, tied and bound, blindfolded and driven around the city of Baltimore. Currently it is unknown what the motives by the abductor were, but the important think is that Vi Ripken is safe. There was no ransom demand for Vi Ripken, and any details that are currently known are being kept under wraps by the police department.

There is speculation that the abductor did know who she was. One interview points out a bizarre point, "It's just hard to believe the guy came all the way back on the street and dropped her off. That makes me believe he was local, very local." Police also would not say whether Ripken's credit or ATM cards had been used.

For the kidnappers sake, he had better hope that Cal will not be allowed anywhere near him. Thankfully everyone is ok, but it is still a very very strange tale.