Apparently, a Chicago Cubs fan bought the domain name of While, the cybersquatting of a domain name is nothing new, the Cubs fan decided to do something different with the domain name.

As of Tuesday afternoon, typing into a Web browser resulted in the New York Yankees homepage being unfurled onto the screen.

“It does?” said Sam Kennedy, executive vice president and chief operating officer of the Boston Red Sox, when told Tuesday afternoon. Kennedy then watched as Red Sox senior advisor Charlie Steinberg typed onto his phone. “We’re going to have to look into that.”

For the Red Sox, losing a domain name to stadium you own is one thing, but having it point to your hated rivals website is a different matter.

So far, no word on if the Red Sox have contacted the fan who owns the domain, but the Fort Myers News-Press did.

The next day, Engelman said he opened his wife’s account and saw that, the domain name, was for sale.

Engelman bought it. He said he paid $8.

Can Red Sox get their hands on Or will the Yankees be the beneficiary of a Cubs fan with nothing else better to do?