Former Texas Ranger CJ Wilson earned his pay check last night pitching 6 scoreless innings in the Los Angeles Angels 3-2 victory over the Rangers. The Rangers starter, Yu Darvish also pitched well, but could not get the run support he needed to pull of the win against the surging Angels.  The loss drops Darvish to 7-3 on the season.

The game itself was full of errors and misplays. Not just by the players. In the seventh inning, the umpire made a call that changed the outcome of the game. With the bases loaded, Yu Darvish was pulled in favor of Koji Uehara. Darvish had just watched Albert Pujols, leaving the bases loaded. Kendry Morales then hit a line drive right to Nelson Cruz, who made a strong and extremely accurate throw to Yorvit Torrealba. Torrealba tagged trout, who broke from third base in an attempt to score, out. The umpire however disagreed.

In response to the umpires decision, and his eventual ejection, Torrealba said, "I thought he was out, period, I thought the throw beat him. I was trying to block the plate. I don't think [McClelland] was in the right position to tell if he was out or safe. In a close game like that and an emotional play and I went off."

That missed call made the score 3-1, and the Rangers never quite recovered.