It was a Bowden-filled day on Sportsline as Steve Dale and Ronnie Allison spoke with not only former Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden, but also Bowden's wife, Ann Bowden, and his son, former Clemson coach Tommy Bowden. The Bowden family shared many funny and interesting stories, and all of them talked about how coaching and their faith are important parts of their lives.

First, Steve and Ronnie spoke with Coach Bobby Bowden. Bobby coached for nearly 57 years and talked about his experiences as a coach, and his view on college football now. Bobby said that he wanted his legacy in life to be that he "served God's purpose in his life."

Next, Steve and Ronnie talked with Bobby's son, former Clemson coach Tommy Bowden. Tommy talked about growing up with a father who coached, and his own experiences as a coach.

Finally, Steve and Ronnie spoke with Bobby's wife and Tommy's mother, Ann Bowden. She spoke about coaching from the family side, what it was like both being married to and raising a coach.