By Robert Snyder

This post is mainly some 'inside baseball', so to speak.

Each Monday morning, Texas Tech Athletics holds the weekly football press conference.  Head Coach Tommy Tuberville and quarterback Taylor Potts always address the media, along with an additional player or two.

The event includes a luncheon for the media and, in my opinion, is one of the best media events put on in Lubbock.

Usually as we're finishing up our meal, Coach Tuberville walks in and comes by all of the tables and says 'hello' to the media.   Normally coach will ask a question or make a comment about somebody's column as he's making the rounds.  Well, today, coach zeroed in on Don Williams of The Fan and the Avalanch-Journal. 

Here's Don from today's presser:

Note the denim-like material his shirt is made out of.  Tuberville walks up to Don and says, "Don, I think I had a shirt like that in 6th grade".  Needless to say, we were all laughing at the table.

While he might not show it on the field, Coach Tuberville has dry, funny, sense of humor.