If the voting results are any indicator, and they are, Craig James' campaign for the US Senate was nothing short of a disaster. Campaign wise, James started late, and was never able to close the gap between front runners Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and national Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz.

James came in with just 4% of the vote. Upon finding out the results, James said, "I truly did not get in this race as a setup for something else, I’ll wake up tomorrow morning committed to furthering the message of limited government, low taxes and personal responsibility. Where that takes me, I don’t know. We’ll see.”

James has pondered running for other positions in the state, but if the poling results are any indication, James is a relative unknown, and those who do know him, don't care for him. In fact, ESPN has already stated that they have no intention whatsoever of rehiring James to his former position.

James, who some know for his playing days with SMU as well as a stint with the New England Patriots, and most likely better known for his involvement in the controversy surrounding the dismissal of Mike Leach, would have lost a hypothetical election to Mike Leach by an astounding 92%, according to a Dallas Morning News Poll.

For the time being, Craig James is on the outside looking in, what his future holds, only he knows.

What do you think about James' run for the Senate? Do the results of the election surprise you?