Dallas Cowboy All-Pro Linebacker Demarcus Ware is a true team player thanks to his latest act of kindness. Ware was due to receive a $60,000 check in lock out payments today, but decided to not accept it and do something generous with the money. He’s giving it to his teammates.

Ware has decided to give the money that was to be paid to him and give it to his teammates that are in more need of it. Ware is not hard up for money as he is currently under contract with the Cowboys for $79 million. $40 million of that is guaranteed.

The All-Pro told ESPN Dallas "I think it builds a unity," said Ware, who is one of Dallas' player representatives, "and lets guys know there are players out there with you, who will give up their $60,000, that this is a brotherhood, this is a fraternity."

This isn’t the first charitable donation that Ware has made. Earlier this week, Ware made a $5,000 donation at the Farine Elementary School to pay for one of their student’s medical bills.