The Dallas Mavericks have received championship rings, but not from Owner Mark Cuban. Cuban has been publicly contemplating buying the team something else to show their world championship besides rings. Cuban has stated several times he believes rings are "old school" and his champions deserve something new.

Cuban has been met with some skepticism from the general public, including his own players.

NBA Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki had this to say:

"We got to talk to him about that. I don't think the last word has been spoken yet. You know he always wants to do something different, wants to do something bigger, but I mean, the ring is just so classic."

Since Cuban has yet to provide a ring another company stepped up.

The Bazooka Candy Brands Company released this statement on

“Bazooka Candy Brands, the iconic confectionary company and manufacturer of Ring Pops, believes that the Dallas Mavericks should be rewarded for all their hard work and their NBA finals win. That is why they will be stepping in and saving the day, creating Swarovski-encrusted Ring Pops in the team colors of Blue and White for the team to wear to celebrate their feat. The Ring Pops will be shipped to the team shortly.”

I suppose Cuban can be happy. These certainly aren't traditional or old-school.