CNBC & NBC Sports Network Sports Business analyst Darren Rovell joined Scott Fitzgerald and Alan Berger on The Sports Shack earlier today.

In just over 12 minutes, Scott & Darren covered a lot of territory, including Rovell's place in the Twitterverse, Crown Royal and the effect of big-money television contracts on college football.

Scott asked Darren about the Big 12 Conference's place in college football regarding TV revenue and if the Big 12 is falling behind other conferences like the PAC-12. "Well, there's a lot of things going on," Rovell said.  "You look at the SEC, which for the third straight year it had the highest regular season ratings in college football.  Their TV deal isn't the greatest because they signed it in 2009.  The PAC-12 deal should not be better than the SEC, but that's what it is. TV has become more valuable."

Rovell also talked about the effect of money on coaches salaries, "The coaching contracts as a whole is another story because the contracts go up and up and up. But for me the weirdest thing is signing these guys to where they always have 4 or 5 years on their contracts."