Delonte West is not known to be the smartest human being on the planet, but what he did Monday night transcended dumb, to straight stupid.

Delonte West, a guard for the Mavs, was fined $25,000 b y the NBA for a, "physical taunt" aimed toward Gordon Hayward. West, decided in a moment of brilliance to saunter up to Hayward, after he was called for a foul away from the ball. From there he proceeded to stick his finger into Hayward's ear.

The question we are all left with is simply, "Why?"

West received a technical foul for the incident, but was not ejected from the game. I know $25,000 is toilet paper to many players in the NBA, but still, it makes no sense as to why he would take it upon himself to act that way.

Wet Willies are one thing, but their is the ever present rumor floating around about West and LeBron James' mother Gloria. If you missed out on that controversy, catch up on it here.

Check out the video of Delonte's technical foul here.