One of the best to ever play the game has to decided to call it quits. After 13 seasons, Randy Moss is retiring.Despite being known around the league as having a terrible attitude and for being a tumor on any team he was a part of, Randy Moss still put up spectacular numbers that could not be ignored. So, with his amazing physical ability and skill he was able to find homes to put up with his attitude and many character flaws. However, it seems that, with his best years behind him, he has decided to call it quits after being released by the Titans.

Even with all his personal flaws,  the 7-time pro bowler's numbers can't be ignored.

-5th all-time in touchdowns with 154

-Tied for 2nd an all-time receiving touchdowns with Terrell Owens at 153

-5th all-time in receiving yards with 14,858

-8th most receptions all-time with 954

All those numbers trail, what many consider the greatest receiver of all-time, Jerry Rice.

I believe Moss could sign and still play another couple seasons in the NFL. Granted, he's old at 34, but not ancient or decrepit by any means. But you saw how he performed this season after being traded away by the Patriots. While back with the Vikings, the team he spent his first 6 seasons with, and the Titans, he had 254 yards and 3 touchdowns in 12 games.

Moss clearly isn't as talented as he once was and now he must work harder to maintain his previous dominance on the field and he has no intention of doing that. He wants to find a team who will put up with his sour attitude and nonexistent dedication and loyalty and still treat him like the greatest player to tie on a pair of cleats. In his first 10 seasons you may have had to deal with that but he isn't worth the hassle anymore. He absolutely deserves a spot in Canton for what he did on the field but not for who he was on the field.