Meet Fabrizia, she’s into pretty much everything except petroleum.

Name: Fabrizia

Location: New York

Into: My passion is animals. Also love music of all sorts, drawing, painting, any artwork, the woods, nature, 1920′s-1950′s fashion & vintage/wartime pin-up art, art deco, cooking, baking, mosh pit throw downs, Japanese culture, samurais and ninjas, writing, eating, prank calls (making them!), learning, my sick brand of humor, thinking, long walks, back alley knife fights, tattoos, carnivals, fire, make-up, dream travel, dream control, anything having to do with dreams, pole dancing, nightmares, circus freaks, the exploration of other planes of existence, pulling down and/or building up conspiracy theories, disco era trash, laughing, true friendship, hair dye, love, eating, making you laugh(intentionally and not),thunderstorms, Halloween, tarot cards, old carousels, scaring myself, gore, guts, summer, fall, restaurants, concerts, travel, darkness on occasion or two and a few drinks,taking every opportunity to accomplish as much as possible & live life to its full potential. Oh, and apparently I also like to repeat myself when I create a profile.

Not Into: Snobs, shallow people, those with no motivation, dreams or overall lazy people, spoiled brats, the destruction of Earth, stupidity, abuse or neglect of animals, bills, cold weather, holiday shopping, horn honking for no real reason, not taking responsibility. Karma is a b—h.

Makes me happy: Kyle, Animal from the Muppet Show, chimps, Play-Doh and fun times with good people

Makes me sad: Mass consumerism. Over processed food disguised as healthy food. Wastefulness. Litter. Animal abuse and neglect. Petroleum based products. Petroleum anything. The tobacco and oil industries. The pharmaceutical industry. Western medicine.

Hobbies: Artwork, singing, writing, robbing old ladies in the subway.

5 Things I Can’t Live Without: Inflatable sheep with penetrable orifices, xylophone, giant clown shoes and oversized foam cowboy hat.

I Spend Most of My Free Time: I have free time?! Thinking, jotting down thought forms that eventually become artwork, making people laugh, singing, exercising, working my ass off and figuring myself out.

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