The Denver Broncos recently released their opening day starting quarterback in Kyle Orton and have replaced him with bandwagon fan favorite Tim Tebow. Orton, who was released, gave his fond farewell to the city of Denver in the form of a hilarious video.

Ok, so it's not the real Kyle Orton, it's just a guy who looks a lot like him. The video probably does contain some things that Orton would like to say but wouldn't.

Orton, who was recently picked up by the Kansas City Chiefs, was released after a poor start in Denver. Tim Tebow is now manning the helm as he has the Broncos back on track to possibly make the playoffs.

Orton will most likely be the starter for the Chiefs by seasons end after their starter in Matt Cassel was declared out for the season with an injury to his passing hand.

All of that aside, enjoy the fake Kyle Orton giving the city of Denver and Broncos Fans what for.