While many NFL players are laying low during the NFL Lockout New England Patriots wide receiver, and former Texas Tech wide receiver, Wes Welker is holding his annual football camp in Massachusetts and talking to the media.

Boston's SportsRadio 850 WEEI caught up with Welker yesterday and discussed his offseason workouts and the after-effects of 2009 surgeries for a torn ACL (suffered in Houston during the last game of the 2009 regular season) and to repair a shoulder.

Welker talking about this offseason, “It’s been great. I’ve actually been able to train instead of rehabbing. It’s been a world of difference. I’ve actually been able to bench press for the first time. I’ve been able to squat because of my shoulder — I can reach back there to grab the bar. Some of those things are kind of key when it comes to football. I’m definitely excited about that and that’s encouraging to see. Hopefully, I’ll be able to use some of those skills I’m working on now during the season".

Without mini-camps and OTAs NFL players are on their own for offseason workouts and rehabbing injuries during the NFL Lockout.

In 2010, Welker had 86 receptions for 848 yards and 7 touchdowns. His receptions and receiving yardage were down from career highs in 2009, but he scored three more touchdowns in 2010 than 2009.

Welker also discussed the quality of his offseason workouts, "Being able to train ... I have confidence and everything. I feel good out there. The running, there’s no achiness. There’s none of that. It’s just being able to go out there and being able to do everything I’ve been able to do in the past and not have the aches and pains in the morning or anytime through it all. It’s been nice to see.”

WEEI reports that Welker has been spending most of his offseason training in Florida at Bonmarito Performance Systems.  The facility has about 30-40 NFL players training there right now.  Meanwhile, the NFL Lockout continues with no end in sight.

Welker discussed his feelings on the lingering lockout, “I’m kind of at the same point a lot of the fans are. I’m definitely frustrated. I want to be out there playing,” he said. “I think everybody is pretty frustrated. I think everybody wants to be able to play football. Everybody wants to see football.”