With a little help from his father, Jose, on the mound, Robnison Cano won the 2011 Home Run Derby. However, the event was almost scarred in tragedy.

It came down to what it always seems to come down to in baseball, Red Sox vs. Yankees. The Home Run Derby Chase Park in Phoenix was no different.

Robinson Cano of the Yankees and first baseman Adrian Beltre of the Red Sox. In the final round of the Derby, Gonzalez set the bar pretty high with 11, but Cano blew that out of the water. The numbers say Cano only hit 12 but that was only because he stopped as soon as he passed Gonzalez. Cano still had 4 outs left when he clinched the title. Cano hit 32 in total at the Derby. One more than Gonzalez.

The Dominican native shared this special achievement with his father, Jose (seen right). Jose was the man on the mound throwing the pitches that Robinson hit, including 2 that went approximately 472 feet to help lead Robinson to his first Home Run Derby title.

Cano is the third Yankee to win the competition, joining Jason Giambi and Tino Martinez.

The National League big hitters were disappointing during the competition. The combined quartet of Prince Fielder, Matt Holliday, Rickie Weeks and Matt Kemp hit just 19 over the wall. Major League home run leader, Jose Bautista was eliminated in the first round when he only hit 4 big ones.

Defending champion David Ortiz was eliminated in the semifinals.

Just days after the tragic events at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, there was almost another unfortunate fan accident during the derby. Keith Carmickle (seen right) tried to catch a home run ball, lost his footing, and found himself dangling over a pool deck roughly 20 feet below. Carmickle was saved by his brother and a friend who grabbed his legs and pulled him back to safety.