Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner completed a 128,100-foot/24 mile record breaking free-fall from space on Sunday in Roswell, NM.

During the five minute freefall, he reached a top speed of over 830 mph, breaking the record for the fastest jump in a freefall.  He also broke the record for the highest jump and highest manned balloon flight. The recorded speeds are still being confirmed.

Baumgartner said "The whole world is watching, I wish you could see what I could see."

The only glitch that Baumgartner ran into during this trek was that his visor fogged up.  He also said that the spin was intense during the fall and that he thought that he would lose consciousness.

Baumgartner trained for this jump for five years.  He took the trek up in an inflated balloon attacted to a small space capsule that took over two-and-a half to get to the spot to set up the record breaking jump.

More that eight million people tuned into to watch the jump on the internet.