Florida Highway Police stranded four high school track and field athletes after a traffic stop revealed their coach had a plethora of unpaid traffic tickets and resulted in the coach's arrest and the teenagers being stranded. The coach, 26 year old Walter Chambliss, was pulled over by Florida Highway Police in Fort Pierce, FL for going 86 mph in a 70 mph zone.

Chambliss told NBC 6 in Miami, "All I see is my picture in handcuffs but I don't see the real me, the guy who gets these kids in school the guy who contacts these colleges." The problem according to Chambliss is that his attorney was supposed to take care of the tickets for him and have his driver's license reinstated. "He paid all my tickets and was supposed to re-instate my license. Come to find out there were court fees after my tickets were paid," Chambliss said.

Now, the issue for me in this story is that the Florida weren't looking after the general welfare for the underage boys. A simple call to another patrolman to come pick up the kids would have been simple, but it never happened. The peace officer on scene simply punted on his duties.