Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. was released from a Las Vegas jail early Friday after serving two months of a three-month sentence in a misdemeanor domestic battery case.

The 35-year-old boxer pleaded guilty last year to reduced domestic battery charges stemming from a hair-pulling, arm-twisting attack on his former girlfriend, Josie Harris, while two of their three children watched. The plea deal allowed him to avoid trial on felony charges that could have gotten Mayweather up to 34 years in prison if he was convicted. Harris and the children have since moved to the Los Angeles area.

Mayweather received about 30 days off his 90-day jail sentence for work time and good behavior. Nevada state law allows inmates to receive up to 10 days off per month for cooperating with jailers and working or being willing to work.

Apparently jail food and a ‘lack of exercise space’ didn’t do as much to damage Mayweather’s health and psyche as his lawyers would lead you to believe as Yahoo! Sports reported Mayweather looked fit as he exited the jail donned in a leather Miami Heat cap and gray hooded sweatshirt.

A lot has happened since Mayweather went behind bars.

He wasn’t able to watch his rival Manny Pacquiao lose his WBO welterweight title on June 9 to Timothy Bradley. He wasn’t able to celebrate last month when Forbes magazine named him the world’s highest-paid athlete for 2011, nor was he able to attend the ESPYs where ESPN named him the best fighter.

In order to fight in Las Vegas, Mayweather will need a new license from the Nevada Athletic Commission. His last license, for the May 5 bout against Miguel Cotto, was for one fight only.