A former Texas Tech Linebacker will be part of a mainstay program on MTV starting on March 27th. Marlon Williams, a former All-Conference Linebacker from 2006-2009 for the Red Raiders will be part of the cast of The Real World:Portland.

The bio for Marlon on the The Real World website reveals some things about Marlon that only can be brought by having your life taped.

After his football career faded, Marlon went through a low point and in his depression, did some things that his roommates will be shocked to hear about. Marlon is in a better place now and is currently working towards a degree in Industrial Engineering. People in Lubbock still recognize him as Marlon the football star, but he hates that people judge him for no longer playing.

Williams will make his debut on the Real World:Portland on Wednesday, March 27th on MTV.