The 1989 class reunion continued on "Sit and Listen" Thursdays on Sportsline, as Steve Dale and Coach Rodney Allison spoke with more former players from the Texas Tech Red Raiders 1989 football team.

In the first hour of the show, we spoke with defensive lineman Tom Mathiasmier as he gave his favorite memories of the 1989 team. Next, we chatted with wide receiver Travis Price as he shared some of his memories of that faithful football season. Rounding out the hour, we talked with offensive lineman Len Wright, who gave us a bit of insight on the '89 offensive line.

During the afternoon hour, we got a hold of the team's former quarterback Jamie Gill, who shared his memories of the '89 season. We also spoke with defensive back Brian Dubinski, who gave us some insight on the '89 defensive line.

Tech's 1989 team had a 9-3 season, finishing a fantastic season with a grand victory against Duke in the All-American Bowl.