Steve Nash was recently traded from the Phoenix Suns to the L.A. Lakers in a move that will help one build for the future and the other compete for a championship. The move also changed the future for one four year old Nash fan. 

A four year old was told by her mother that her favorite player, Steve Nash, was no longer with the Suns. You can instantly see how this affected the girl as she breaks down in tears.

"Then I'm never going to like him anymore" was the first words that came out of the crying four year old's mouth. She then continued by saying that she would never be able to get his autograph now.

Even though Nash is now a Laker, he didn't want his little fan in Phoenix to cry. Nash retweeted a message on Twitter asking for information on the little girl, so he could get an autograph to her. What a class act!

Watch the adorable breakdown below.