Texas Governor Rick Perry is busy these days going throughout the country getting ready for a presumed Presidential run for the Republican nomination, but he isn't ignoring his Alma Mater Texas A&M and the rumors of their move to the Southeastern Conference.

Add this to Perry's buzz: he knows what is going to happen.

Chuck Carlton of the Dallas Morning News reports,

"Asked by The Dallas Morning News ’ statehouse reporters about SEC speculation regarding A&M, Perry responded: "I'll be real honest with you. I just read about it the same time as y'all did. ... As far as I know, conversations are being had. That's frankly all I know. I just refer you to the university and the decision makers over there."

The implications of Perry's comment is massive. This is confirmation of what many have used for message board fodder and believe will happen as the Longhorn Network continues in its current form. A good number of people who don't pay attention to football or what advantage the University of Texas Athletic Department gets.

Will this force the hand of PAC-12 Commissioner Larry Scott and invite any number of refugees from the Big 12 or will he make a splash like he did in August of last year where Colorado was accepted into the PAC-12 before Tom Osbourne could give the bird to Texas and the rest of Big 12?

Most likely, we won't see any movement on this and then out of the blue we will find out that Texas A&M told Texas and the Big 12 "Gig 'em" and that they will march into the SEC. Then the fun will happen after that.