Michael Vick.

Okay, after you're done cussing him for having "Fluffy" fight "Buster" in those horrendous dog fights, just remember that he did his time in jail and that is that. The Philadelphia Eagles gave Vick a $100 million contract with $40 million guaranteed today and even though I am not a Eagles fan, I will not actively cheer against him.

The New York Times jumped the gun on a report that Texas A&M was planning to leave the Big 12 Conference Tuesday and had to revise their article to keep it from being wrong. Nothing new to report on this front, I just wanted to take a swipe at the New York Times.  Zack Kennedy of Wild West night club fame has a good write up on 1340 The Fan.

The NCAA ruled that players must sit out for Miami in their September 5th opener at Maryland including QB Jacory Harris. This is the beginning of many NCAA rulings on Miami and their dealings with Shapiro.