Sports by Brooks released a blog post that is scathing in regards to Texas Tech Men's Basketball Coach Billy Gillispie and how the Texas Tech program is being, "run into the ditch".

I thought finishing 11th in the conference and going 13-19 was the ditch.

Brooks continues in the post talking about BCG losing money in a ponzi-scheme twice, Chris Beard leaving the program, and his probable ties to Al-Qeada. The last part is false, but I have just as much proof of that as does Brooks on these other allegations.

I would take this post seriously if:

A.) It was posted by Yahoo! Sports, SI, or another reputable source and not Brooks


B.) If Brooks didn't have an apparent ax to grind with Texas Tech over Mike Leach's firing.

Swing and a miss, bro.

Kerry Collins has made his return to the NFL after his brief stint of retirement by joining the Indianapolis Colts to prepare for the beginning of the season without future hall of fame quarterback Peyton Manning. The strange thing about this signing is that was done via twitter from the Colts owner Jim Isray.

Its strange now, but this will become the norm for announcing such signings in professional sports in the coming years with more and more people in tune with social media and networking.

Finally, PETA will be conducting another useless protest in Lubbock according to our friends at KOOL 98. The protest will be a few hippie chicks showering on the sidewalk by the Texas Tech campus to protest the usage of water in raising animals for consumption essentially.

From the release,

"According to a report from the Natural Resources Defense Council, Texas’ water use is already greater than its supply and sustainable water will continue to dwindle because of population growth, energy use, and climate change. Going vegan is an easy way to cut down on personal water usage, and it’s the best thing that anyone can do to help stop animal suffering.

“It’s impossible to ‘go green’ without going vegan,” says PETA’s Matt Bruce.” Just by changing their diets, concerned people can help protect the Earth, their own health, and countless animals."

Protesting the over usage of water by wasting more water in a shower protest to convince people that they should be vegan. I think growing vegetables requires water to grow also. Just a shot of common sense, but lets try it sometime.