On Monday's edition of the Williams & Hyatt Show on 1340 The Fan, outgoing Texas Tech President, and NCAA Board of Director Member, Dr. Guy Bailey appeared on the show to discuss the sanctions levied against Penn State.

Penn State was hit with historic penalties in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child sex-abuse scandal. Those penalties include a $60 million fine, the vacating of wins for the football team from 1998-2011, significant scholarship reductions, a four-year postseason ban, the allowance of current and incoming Penn State players to transfer from the school and immediately play elsewhere and five years NCAA probation.

In speaking about the Jerry Sandusky scandal in a broad sense, Dr. Bailey said, "This is the ultimate lack of Institutional Control when you can cover up illegal activities.  The NCAA felt like this (scandal) was so egregious that they had to deal with it (the penalties) this way."

Dr. Bailey elaborated on why the NCAA used a set of penalties that went into effect immediately, "The penalty today was designed to punish the institution (Penn State); provide some resources for victims of abuse, and that's what that $60 million dollar fine will be used for. Again had we not dealt with that in a forthright and vigorous manner, the NCAA would have been at fault."

Ryan Hyatt asked Dr. Bailey about the NCAA's enforcement of 'moral issues'. Specifically, did the NCAA have authority to penalize Penn State for 'moral violation'? Dr. Bailey said they did, "They look to enforce the collegiate model and the values associated with it.  They look to ensure that athletics is subordinate to academics and to the overall mission to the institution. In this case, it clearly wasn't."

You can listen to the full interview with Dr. Guy Bailey in the audio player below.

Also, everyone from The Fan would like to wish Dr. Bailey good luck at his new job as President of the University of Alabama. We've enjoyed having Dr. Bailey on the station over the years as he served as President of Texas Tech.

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