Two days after the Dallas Cowboys bitter loss to the Detroit Lions, Cowboys Owner/GM Jerry Jones talked about the game yesterday.

"We needed to use clock with that kind of lead," Jones said, according to The Associated Press. "You can make the case that if you run the ball a few times and punt it, run the ball a few times and punt it, the stats show that you can't lose it."

The Cowboys had a 24-point lead disappear on Sunday and quarterback Tony Romo has been criticized for his play in the loss. Romo threw three interceptions in the second half and those turnovers allowed Detroit to come back and win the game.

Jones through, remain optimistic about the Cowboys playoff chances, "I know our guys are disappointed over this loss. But they don't wear this loss around. We'll be ready to play."

The Cowboys have this week off and then play against New England on October 16.