The ever revolving story this off-season in College Football is centered around a 20-year old sophomore is doing in his free time.

If you guessed Johnny Manziel, then you are correct.

The exploits of the 2012 Heisman Trophy Winner from Texas A&M continue to be the lead on ESPN talk shows and their mainstay show SportsCenter on a weekly basis.

Whether its been Manziel at the NBA Finals, getting thrown out of the Manning Passing Camp for waking up late, or being the main story of SEC Media Days, Manziel has owned the spotlight.

Now, there is something new to talk about Manziel and his off-season tour. He was thrown out of a fraternity party at the University of Texas.

I first learned of this new adventure from Clay Travis on his twitter account last night, and if you don't follow Clay then you're missing out. CBS Sports also has a write up of the Aggie QB at the Frat party.

Most will exclaim, "WHO CARES?"

I grant you that most people find Manziel to be a train wreck ready to happen and may happen this season for the Aggies. Early game hosting Alabama, all the hype for Manziel vs. Nick Saban in a revenge game. Leave no doubts about this game being revenge in spite of what Saban says. They have been replaying the A&M loss in their weight room since they beat Notre Dame in the national title game.

Is Manziel mature enough to last the season without somehow getting in trouble or causing another stir like he did in Austin this weekend?

Odds makers have put Alabama as 9.5 point favorite over the Aggies for their September 14th game in College Station. Judging by the off-season for A&M and Manziel, it may not be that close against the Tide this season.