Chalk up another victory for Mark Cuban even during the NBA lockout.

A state district judge has dismissed a lawsuit in which former Dallas Mavericks owner Ross Perot Jr. accused current owner Mark Cuban of mismanaging the team. Perot sold his controlling stake of the team in 2000 to Cuban, yet retained a 5 percent interest in the team.

Judge Craig Smith signed an order in Dallas on Thursday granting Cuban's motion for summary judgment and denying all of Perot's claims.

Perot filed the lawsuit in 2010, alleging that the Mavericks were insolvent and that a receiver should be appointed to manage their finances.

Cuban responded with a court filing that included a color photograph of Dirk Nowitzki holding the 2011 NBA championship trophy, surrounded by Cuban and other Mavericks players. The title was the franchise's first.

Perot retained a 5 percent interest in the team after selling his controlling stake to Cuban in 2000.