Justin Gatlin will be London bound as he earned his spot on the Olympic team this past weekend. Two more Olympic hopefuls, Allyson Felix(right in photo) and Jeneba Tarmoh (left in photo) are still waiting to see their fate. Gaitlin though has thought of a way for the two to settle up on who gets the final spot. Gatlin suggests some good old fashioned mud wrestling. 

While mud wrestling itself isn't an Olympic sport, Gatlin believes it's the best way to determine a clear cut Olympian. Originally Gatlin suggest a Jell-O wrestling match, but quickly changed it to mud wrestling while on Sportscenter.

"Red Jell-O. That's my favorite," said Gatlin in an interview on ESPN.

It doesn't appear that Gatlin will get his way. One of these two girls will be joining Gatlin on the 2012 London Olympic team while one will be an alternate. Both Felix and Tarmoh are worthy of spots on the women's 100M team but only one will go.

Maybe Gatlin was on to something. A petition should get started for mud (or Jell-O) wrestling at the 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.