Kevin Durant's 22 points pushed the Oklahoma City Thunder to a dominating victory 102-82 over the San Antonio Spurs. Thabo Sefolosha was a complete surprise to the San Antonio Spurs, garnering a career playoff high 19 points. With the win, the Thunder closed the gap in the western conference finals 2-1.

The Spurs were led in scoring by Tony Parker and Steven Jackson with 16 points each. With the loss, the Spurs also saw their 20 game winning streak go up in smoke.

The Spurs couldn't seem to get the ball inside against the Thunder, a stark contrast to game one and two. The Thunder had no problem however, scoring 44 points in the paint, compared to San Antonio's 24. The Thunder D'd up on the Spur's forcing them to take the perimeter shots.

The issue with the game, as it seems to be becoming more and more common, was the officiating. The first half of the game was extremely close with several lead changes and momentum shifting moments. One that stood out was a double technical against the Thunder on top of a shooting foul. Putting it into perspective, the Thunder had just taken a four point lead, and had all of the momentum. The call itself was questionable, but just had the vibe to it that the referees where intentionally calling in favor of the Spurs. Right or wrong, from someone with no loyalties one way or the other, that's how it seemed.

What did you think of the game? The officiating? The Series?