Christine Hyde scored 20 points and Chynna Brown added 17 points for the Texas Tech Lady Raiders in a 71-70 loss to South Florida in the First Round of the NCAA Tournament in Lubbock.

The Lady Raiders end their season at 21-11 and without a win in the NCAA Tournament since the 2005 season. Kristy Curry is now 0-2 in the NCAA Tournament while at Tech.

The close game wasn't seen by a television audience in the waning moments as a power outage hit the ESPN trailer producing the game.

A joint statement with ESPN and Texas Tech spokesperson Blayne Beal said,

“The ESPN production truck suffered a complete power loss due to a blown fuse.  The facility had ample power supply, however, this was a technical issue beyond control. 

Power was down apporoximately 20 minutes but the game had been decided by the time power was restored."

The win for South Florida was their first ever NCAA Tournament win.