NBA superstar LeBron James can't seem to catch a break these days. First the media rips him after the Miami Heat fall in the NBA Finals to the Dallas Mavericks and now he is back in the lime light after accidentally knocking down a kid in a game of knock out.

The incident happened at a youth basketball camp and a game of knock out breaks out. LeBron gets through the first first round just fine but is a bit sluggish in the next round. He misses his initial shot but grabs his rebound and dunks it home.

The dunk saved him from being eliminated, but the young camper made his shot at the same time and couldn't avoid the collision.

The entire scenario looks harmless enough but it's become another excuse for non Lebron fans to take shots at him. Watch the video below and be the judge for yourself.

Was it 100% accidental or was it a case of LeBron throwing down a dunk too hard? I'm going with accidental.