Flopping in the NBA seems to be getting out of control these days. Stars from every team in the NBA seem to be guilty of it at one point to another. Well a new video, titled "LeFlop," pokes fun at MVP LeBron James and his "flopping."

The video is set to Tchaikovsky's "Waltz of the Flowers." It's blended beautifully with video of LeBron flopping throughout the playoffs. Once being hit by Tyson Chandler (which appeared to be a solid hit but it was over acted by James) while the other main one involves David West of the Indiana Pacers.

Do you think the video is good fun or just another reason for basketball lovers to hate LeBron James. Personally, I think the video is just plain funny. No matter who the star is.

Let's get the flopping out of basketball! Until that day comes, I'm going to keep enjoying this video.