Linsanity has taken the sporting world by storm. There is no escaping it. Its become so all inclusive that people have started writing songs about Lin, as ridiculous as it sounds, its worth the watch. Check it out.

Recognize it? It's strange, but its actually not a bad song.

Enough music, against Mavericks Lin had 28 points and a career-high 14 assists to carry the Knicks to a 104-97 victory that ended the Dallas Mavericks' six-game winning streak. Sadly for the Knicks, people are not focusing on the fact that the Knicks are winning games as of late because of a complete team effort, not solely because of Jeremy Lin. It's Tebow syndrome all over again.

For the Mavs, it was an average outing, that has only fueled the fire of "Linsanity"