Brown and his Longhorns earned a much needed 31-22 win in Lubbock last Saturday over Texas Tech. Now that the Horns are 7-2 on the season, Brown wants everyone to know what he finds disrespectful.

Brown said, "The horns down is disrespectful...We ought to talk about that as a league." Kirk Bohls of the Statesman reported this on twitter earlier Monday.

Texas Wide Receiver Mike Davis was penalized for holstering the guns after a touchdown this Saturday, but Brown wants something done by the Big 12 Conference for the Horns down signal.

First of all, Mack needs to worry about something other than the Horns down. His defense is still one of the worst in the country, even after their effort against the Red Raiders. The fact that Brown wants a rule to be put in effect about the Horns down shows that he is still deflecting attention from his team and their flaws.

Tom Fornelli of CBS Sports wrote an excellent piece on the other things that Mack finds disrespectful.

Fornelli says Mack thinks, "Beating Texas is disrespectful. It's the most profitable football program in the country. You shouldn't beat it at football. The Big 12 should talk about that as a league," and "AJ McCarron crying in front of Nick Saban was disrepectful. McCarron should know that as a robot, Saban is incapable of feeling human emotions. The SEC should talk about that as a league."

Ridicule aside, Brown knows there is a rule against unsportsmanlike conduct. Adding another rule would be overkill, but what about Texas Longhorn Athletics isn't overkill?

The issue isn't that Mack finds it disrespectful, but that he needs a distraction from his team's play. The more distractions, the more he doesn't have to address glaring holes on his team to the media.