Now that Peyton Manning's move to the Denver Broncos is set in stone, (or ink and paper, as the case may be) the question now is this: what's going to happen to Tim Tebow?

Although nothing has been officially announced, it's a near certainty that Tebow is out. Although both Manning and Broncos' owner John Elway were singing his praises, and both agree he's a stand-up guy, chances are he's not going to be a factor next season.

I think Tebow's problem is that his immense popularity is outshining his actual playing ability, which puts a lot of teams in a peculiar position. In the eyes of a lot of teams, he's not good enough to be a quarterback, but he's too popular to sit out on the bench. Tebow's still pretty young in his career, though, so it'd be great if could get signed on with a team and an offense that he could learn from, like Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, for example. And if that doesn't work out, a team could always use Tebow's popularity to "put butts in the seats," so to speak.

So, will a team come along and pick Tebow up, or will this prove that the old adage, "nice guys finish last," is true after all?