Mariano Rivera is done for the season, and most likely for his career as well. After hinting at retirement during spring training, it looks like Rivera will no longer have a choice. During a pregame warmup against the Kansas City Royals, Rivera tore his ACL while he was shagging fly balls during batting practice.

Most likely Rivera will attempt a comeback, but at 42 years old, will his body be able to hold up? In a sense, he owes it to himself to attempt a comeback, but after most likely being out for the rest of this season, Rivera will be nearly 44 by the time next season rolls around. Granted he has been with the Yankees since 1995, he cannot expect them to sit around without signing another closer and wait for him to rehab.

During a press conference asking addressing his injury, Rivera was asked if he was done, “I don’t know.” Stark contrast to his answers in the past.

Regardless of fan allegiance, one has to respect what Rivera has done. Rivera is a 12 time all-star, 5 time world series champion, and is the all time saves leader.

If you are interested, here is the video of Rivera tearing his ACL. No worries, its not graphic in the slightest.

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