Major League Baseball has approved the Texas Rangers contract with outfielder Jairo Beras but has suspended the player for one year for lying about his age.

The Rangers signed Beras for a $4.5 million signing bonus in March, but the agreement was held up because of questions about the player's age.

The Rangers maintained Beras is 17 years old and was eligible to be signed immediately in March. However, other clubs said they were under the impression he was only 16 and thus ineligible to be signed until July 2, when the international signing period began. If Beras had signed after that date, his bonus would have been much less under the new Collective Bargaining Agreement that limits clubs this year to $2.9 million in bonuses to international amateur free agents.

According to the Commissioner's Office, Beras will be permitted to participate in workouts and practices during his suspension, but will not be permitted to participate in official games. Beras will not receive his salary under his Minor League contract for the duration of his suspension.

Beras is currently working out at the Rangers' academy in the Dominican Republic and that is most likely where he will serve out the suspension.