A story on MLB.COM yesterday appeared before the Texas Rangers defeated the Tampa Bay Rays three games to one taking the best of five playoff series about Rangers OF Josh Hamilton apologizing to the Rays organization.

He wasn't apologizing for what Texas was about to do Tampa and eliminate them from the post-season for a second consecutive season, but for his destructive actions a decade ago where Hamilton spiraled into drug use and wasting the No.1 pick in the MLB Draft in 1999 the Rays used on him.

From the story,

"I was thinking about it in the outfield last night," the reigning AL MVP said. "With all of the stress and everything of that game yesterday, you know, thinking about and actually made some amends with trainers and with staff from the other side, from the Rays' side, because I don't think I ever had, as far as what I did and when I was here and my time. And they put a lot of time and effort into me, so just made an apology, a few yesterday."

Hamilton knows his repentant ways won't erase what's been done, or bring back what could have been. He wouldn't change a thing about his past, given the faith and hope he fostered along the way. But that doesn't mean he doesn't think about it.

"And thinking about it for the fans' aspect of it yesterday," he said, "they were all expecting to see me with the Rays in Tropicana, in the outfield. But it doesn't work out that way all the time.

"So you know what? Would I have liked to have done it? Absolutely. Did it happen? No. But I just have to do what I can with my team I am with now. But I enjoy coming back, and the whole newness and weird feeling is over with. You know, now it just feels like another stadium. But I enjoy seeing familiar faces in the stands."

You can read the whole story here.