Late Monday afternoon, the Texas A&M University Board of Regents approved unanimously the authority for President Bowin Loftin to deal with the conference alignment.  This move was expected after several days of talk from pundits and sportswriters trying to get the scoop and don't forget ESPN and their continuous misinformation being spewed about the situation.

One organizations continued coverage of Texas A&M's secession and conference realignment in general is the website Out kick The Coverage. This weekend and today have been brilliant insight on the influence of ESPN and their contractual obligations to the Big 12 member schools and the Southeastern Conference.

The bigger issue is that ESPN is now part of the story and the reporters and analysts seem to grimace at even the thought of Texas A&M leaving the Big 12 as if they have skin in the game with this. Wait...

From today's post from Clay Travis of OKTC,

"If ESPN was being honest right now it would be scrolling this at the bottom of the television screen: "Sources tell ESPN's Joe Schad that ESPN's television contracts are the primary obstacle to Texas A&M joining the SEC." (Okay, that's just a fun Joe Schad "sources" joke, but the point remains the same -- ESPN's contracts are THE story right now.) Instead of covering its business though ESPN is going to run with some fantastical story idea that Clemson and FSU are in line to join the SEC? That story is crap and, most damningly, the network knows that story is crap.

ESPN's conflict is THE story right now. That's it, what everyone following A&M should be reading and commenting upon.

I'm not saying you can't trust ESPN's coverage, just that it's every bit as biased -- in fact, much more so -- than the websites that it won't cite for breaking news stories. "

Now what most Texas Tech fans are asking, "Where do the Red Raiders end up in this?"

Most think the PAC-16 is most likely for Texas Tech when the Big 12 Conference finally sinks. Some think that Texas Tech has more a shot of going to the SEC with Texas A&M, but it would be just as much travel for Tech either going West or East. My bet is on the PAC-16 to bring in Tech, OU, and OSU to form part of the PAC-16 Eastern Division. Nobody cares what the University of Texas does because they are too busy peddling their new television network like its snake oil.

Bottom line is that Texas A&M is trying to prove they can survive without Varsity and they will do just that and give an out for the other Big 12 schools looking to get out. Time to saw them off.