The character of Bane in the movie "The Dark Knight Rises" proclaimed to the city of Gotham that he would be their reckoning. Monday night, a similar situation happened as the Green Bay Packers were jobbed by the officials in a manner that would make college football referee and Austin resident Randy Christal applaud (Christal consistently is called to do Texas Football games and is almost always a source of controversy).

The Packers had the game won with an interception on the final play of game against the Seattle Seahawks, but somehow the ruling went to Seattle's favor as wide receiver Golden Tate somehow tried to tie up possession and was awarded the touchdown.

Obviously, this caused pandemonium on social networks like Twitter. Players cussed the Shield, dared the league to fine them, and fans called for the removal of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, just like the Banana republic dictator he is. Goodell is hell bent on making the league in his own image and that image is instability, widespread misery and a totalitarian grip on who plays and can't play (paging Vilma and the Saints).

Goodell told the CBS show 60 Minutes that he mixes socialism in the NFL with how the league operates. That's all well and good, but socialism has never worked for the betterment of any country or organization when implemented. The only thing Goodell's socialism has brought to the NFL is the equal misery of all fans.

I wish that the NFL didn't have to face such a disaster that is looming with the replacement refs and the iron fist of Goodell and the shield. Teams have lost games the last two nights in a manner that would make most fans turn away, but NFL deserve this. More attention will be payed to the games to see more screw ups and cause ratings to go up.

The way to make the NFL get back on the right track would be for fans to stop watching the games. If the fans stop watching, then ratings plummet and those with the money will see that change must happen. Why should the drug dealer change if he keeps getting repeat customers who bring their friends?

The sad thing is that we are a apathetic culture and won't do anything to solve this by making a sacrifice by not watching anymore. Why do you think we continually put people in elected office that just keep adding to the debt of the country (now at $16 trillion)?

Sacrifice is needed, but that won't happen because sports fans need their fix and the NFL keeps giving them the dime bags. Call me the Joker, but I like watching the NFL burn. Its the only way to fix the league.